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The Editing Room now has a Patreon page! Patreon is a site that allows people to pledge money to support content creators easily. You can pledge pretty much any amount, and Patreon will charge you that amount every month, and the total will be divided among your favorite Editing Room authors.

The Editing Room Patreon Page has more details about our milestone goals and the various rewards you can get by supporting the site, so head on over there and take a look.

Whenever you see the Patreon icon next to a script, that means the script is for Patrons only, and you’ll have to log in with your Patreon-linked account to view it. Pledging any amount garners you a Patron account, which will remove all site ads and provide access to the patron forums. Different pledge levels yield other rewards, such as patron-only script access, early access to scripts, and other stuff.

The Editing Room has been running for over 16 years and has over 600 abridged scripts, all of which have been free on the Internet, and not even divided into multiple pages with ads like a lot of other sites. So if you’re a longtime fan of the site, or a newcomer who wants us to write more often, I urge you to consider pledging even a buck a month. If enough people do it, writing for the site will cease to be something authors do for free, but an actual paid gig, which means more frequent updates.

Alright, enough e-begging. Back to tirelessly mocking movies. With free abridged scripts. Like about 7 each month. Which is about $84 in movie tickets alone. Also we all have terminal diseases.

If you’re already supporting us, thank you! Make sure you make a patron account using the link when you first became a patron, or check the messages on Patreon for instructions. If you have an account already, click here to log in.