Celebrating 20 Years of Hating Movies - 1998-A-THON!

The Editing Room is turning TWENTY!

As staggeringly implausible as it may seem, this humble little website is about to have its 20th Anniversary! That’s older than Google. Older than the original Trading Spaces. Older than Jaden Smith.

To honor the occasion we’ve got some special content in the works. Some of it will be a surprise, but one thing you may already have noticed is that we’re turning our DeLorean all the way back to the year it all began, with the 1998-A-THON!

1998 was a memorable year for movies, but back when this nonsense all started The Editing Room didn’t have the sheer resources or personnel to deal with them all. We didn’t even have our helicarrier back then!

So, leading up to the big anniversary day (May 19th), we’ll be plunging back in time to abridge some noteworthy 1998 films that were missed the first time around.

Here’s a list of published, upcoming, and planned scripts that make up the 1998-A-THON:

Please enjoy this trip down memory lane, and keep your eyes peeled for more random junk we’re planning!