10 Years of Hating Movies

Tomorrow is the 10-year anniversary of The Editing Room. Seriously.


It all started on May 19th of 1998, after seeing the movie Godzilla and hating it. I put a fake script for the site up on my ISP’s web space (5MB free with each account!) Not long after, I saw Armageddon and hated that as well. I wrote another fake screenplay and put it in the same place. After a while, I had quite a collection of scripts, so I created a subdomain on a real web site and called it “The Editing Room”.

The site has changed a lot over its many years, but it has always been a great place for me to take a piss on movies I hate.

The site has experimented with visitor-contributed scripts, fake movie rumors, and even awards, but consistently the people who visit only care about one thing: abridged scripts.

I’ve written 196 abridged scripts on the site. Most of the earlier ones are fucking dreadful, and I can barely even remember seeing many of the movies I’ve mocked (I saw Simply Irresistible? Really?). I leave them up on the site because any time I remove one, someone e-mails me to say it was their favorite.

Sharp angles used to be all the rage.

The site has been featured in Total Film, Entertainment Weekly, Forbes, Internet Advisor, Cracked, and recently the National Lampoon Humor Network. My Abridged Scripts have been copied verbatim onto countless blogs, livejournals, forums, humor archives, newsgroups, and forwarded emails. I’ve recieved at least 100 e-mailed marriage proposals and at least 1,000 e-mailed death threats. I like to tell people that I’m famous on the internet.

The Editing Room has always been the most popular personal web site I’ve ever created, and I hope it continues to grow in popularity. It staggers me to think I’ve been writing Abridged Scripts for ten whole years, but it staggers me even more to realize that there are so many people on the internet that enjoy reading them.

Thanks for visiting the site and making it what it is today.